Vincenzo Ciaccio homepage

Who am I?

My name is Vincenzo Ciaccio (vikkio on the internet), I am just a geek who does some stuff on the computers, so I get paid and I can afford my pizzas.
My main skills are in computer science as a developer. I have an advanced knowledge of GNU/Linux. I like to use many programming languages, among them I have a strong working knowledge of PHP and Javascript.
Lately I've been working mostly with Javascript (node, React, Angularjs(1.x) and Vuejs2).

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Where am I?

I am one of the 7 billion people on this planet, at the moment I am living in Hebden Bridge (West Yorkshire, UK) and working remotely.
I was born in Sicily and most of the time I refer to myself as Sicilian, before saying Italian.
I lived most of my life in Santa Margherita di Belice, small village in the south west of the island. Then for 5 years in Palermo, 2 years and a half in Malta and now in the UK since 2016.


On the Web

You can find me around the web almost in every social network, even though I am not really active in 100% of them. Here is a list of the one I use the most:

Side Projects

I spend a loT of my free time, coding (when not gaming or traveling), what a sad habit, and in those sessions, sometimes I come up with some silly ideas, which become eventually sort of a project. Most of them are abandoned, others are broken, some works and I use them in my daily life. All of them, though, are opensource on my github profile. Here is a list with the one I like the most:


  • Scootalite - a progressive web app to manage your podcasts. Source
  • Agghia - a small utility that will calculate in real time, your earnings. Source
  • Umparmo - a tool to visualise and operate on ratio for image dimension. Source
  • Football Director Simulator - a football manager game. Source
  • Lazy Bastards Helper - a tool for recruiters, to read and analise CVs. Source
  • Revorbaro - a silly shooting game made with react. Source
  • RevorbaroWS - same game as above, but multiplayer with my websocket lib. Source
  • Libraries/Sources